Martha Weinstein & Her Body Allure Day Spa

Founder, Technical & Spa Director, Author, Inventor & Life Coach

The elusive fountain of youth. If only there were a spring we could drink from that would restore our youth.... but there isn't.  However, right here in West L.A., there is a day spa that provides anti-aging treatments that will make you feel as if you've discovered the fountain yourself.  Body Allure Day Spa offers facial toning sessions, where safe bio-identical electrical energy (nano-current technology) is used to stimulate and exercise facial muscles and literally re-boot your skin's cellular energy level.  The muscles strengthen and regain their elasticity, correcting sagging and wrinkling skin.  Collagen sythesis is stimulated, blood circulation is increased and pores become tightened, giving the skin a more refined and youthful appearance.  The half hour treatment (which includes the whole face and neck) is safe, painless and so relaxing that most people fall asleep!


Body Allure is ran by Martha Weinstein, a youthful and energetic "87-years-young" who has spent her life exploring the secrets to maintaining and recapturing a youthful appearance.  As one of the first 'reality TV' beauty experts -- in the world! -- with her popular make-over shows in Buenos Aires, Martha still works at her spa daily, whilst continuing to educate herself on skin care and well being.  Let Martha inspire you, as she serves as the perfect illustration of the effectiveness of her treatments and her revolutionary Stay Young System! In fact, Martha is happy to do a free consultation at any time to analyze your skin and body-related beauty concerns.  She will recommend what best will fit your needs in skin care, body remodeling, detoxing or even makeup suggestions. The execution of her suggested treatments will be in the hands of her very experienced estheticians or, in special cases, she herself will perform the procedure.

Her staff, with sound professional advice and a good dose of lifestyle suggestions, are always there to help and work along side the captivating Martha.  Jokingly they call her “The Oracle of Brentwood”, because more than once, her reading of a situation a client is in, helps to bring light into it. At eighty-seven, Martha works many hours, she drives, she travels, she writes, she learns new skills all the time. As such, she is a living example of her own philosophy of staying young, and she does it by slowing down the aging process, mostly in natural ways. No intrusive procedures, no drugs, only a combination of modern and ancient techniques, her own unique 'brand of magic'.

Check out Martha's new Wordpress Blog!

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